FP2030’s PPFP/PAFP portfolio is based within the FP2030 Secretariat’s Country Support team. FP2030 engages on both the global and country levels to facilitate knowledge-sharing, resource-matching, and technical support for PPFP/PAFP.

Global Steering Committee: FP2030 chairs the PPFP/PAFP Steering Committee, made up of representatives from major donors and technical partners working in PPFP/PAFP. The Steering Committee serves as a platform for strategic coordination, technical review of issues, and the surfacing of challenges and bottlenecks in individual countries as well as globally.

Country Engagement: For countries that have identified PPFP or PAFP as a national priority, FP2030 works with Focal Points to ensure that PPFP/PAFP is incorporated in country worksheets, costed implementation plans, and FP2030 commitments. FP2030 also facilitates strategic learning exchanges with additional countries that express interest in prioritizing PPFP/PAFP. 

Learning Exchanges: FP2030 organizes several webinars each year for countries to share best practices, experiences, and challenges on PPFP/PAFP topics. FP2030 also stewards and supports the dissemination of High Impact Practices (HIPs)—documented, proven interventions—for postpartum and post-abortion family planning.

Program Partners

  • AFP
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Maternal and Child Survival Program
  • WHO