Performance monitoring is a continuous process implemented by governments and engaged stakeholders to effectively lead and manage the CIP execution process and achieve optimal results.
The monitoring process provides critical data to support informed decision making for improved implementation performance and resource mobilization. Diligent monitoring can also enhance accountability for achieving family planning goals and global commitments.  The tools in this section include guidance on processes to monitor CIP performance, dashboards to support CIP data collection, management and visualization, and guidance on conducting reviews at the end of the CIP execution.

“Nigeria’s national CIP was called the National Family Planning Blueprint. We hold strategy meetings every month with the government leaders on the family planning plan, we call it Blueprint technical meeting. We look at what is happening in the country, what is happening to the implementation of the Blueprint and where are issues and how do we mitigate if there are challenges? How do we move forward or if there is any new thing coming, how do we get more aligned into the more coordinated structure?”

Sada Danmusa
Development Outcomes and Support Center, Nigeria
Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit: What We Heard


Step 9 Activities

  • Activity 9A: Set up performance monitoring tools and process
  • Activity 9B: Regularly collect performance data
  • Activity 9C: Hold regular performance reviews
  • Activity 9D: Review and revise
  • Activity 9E: Conduct a CIP end-line review