The existence of a CIP does not guarantee implementation. Execution must be a joint effort among a variety of partners. Proper management and delegation of responsibilities is crucial for smooth, integrated execution. This section includes guidance, approaches and tools to facilitate the transition from planning to action.

“The CIP is not complete once launched. Technical assistance is needed after the CIP launch when implementation happens. We need strong and reliable management systems. The CIP needs to be disseminated; sub-national planning and implementation are vital, especially in decentralized countries.”

Modibo Maiga
Palladium, HP+, West Africa
Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit: What We Heard


Step 8 Activities

  • Activity 8A: Implement effective and efficient coordination mechanisms
  • Activity 8B: Lead and manage the execution process
  • Activity 8C: Integrate CIP into existing annual workplanning, or if necessary, develop annual joint workplans
  • Activity 8D: Engage at the sub-national level to facilitate the execution of the CIP