Once the CIP document is completed, the government and relevant stakeholders review and approve it.
Although work on the document itself may be complete, the CIP process requires effective execution for FP goals to be realized.Organizing a public launch event is an effective way to re-engage contributors and educate ground-level implementers about the plan’s components, the positive impact of successful implementation and their role in ensuring its success. The launch event is also an opportunity to raise awareness about remaining funding gaps and solicit commitments from partners to mobilize additional resources. Beyond the event, disseminating the plan and additional advocacy and educational materials will raise awareness and aid successful implementation.


Step 7 Activities

  • Activity 7A: Review and approve the CIP
  • Activity 7B: Develop a dissemination plan and materials
  • Activity 7C: Produce and print the final document
  • Activity 7: Hold an official launch event and dissemination activities