Institutional arrangements define roles and responsibilities of various parties, as well as mechanisms for stewardship, accountability, and coordination during the execution of the CIP.
Institutional arrangements are developed in parallel with the development of the technical strategy (Step 4). It is highly recommended that preliminary consultations on institutional arrangements occur during the planning phase, in Step 1. Further, any needs for additional resources and capacity development to facilitate an effective execution process are identified during the situational analysis exercise in Step 3, and interventions reflected in the technical strategy (Step 4). The tool in this section supports countries to understand stewardship functions as they apply to CIP execution and help to define how these functions will be carried out, and by whom. 

“In Kenya, we intend to have a national launch with 50-60 people, then proceed to the CIP at the county level. We have created a popular version (only four pages) which will be posted to social media and other platforms as part of our dissemination.”

Dr. Geoffrey Okumo
Options Consultancy Services, Kenya
Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit: What We Heard


Step 6 Activities

  • Activity 6A: Define stewardship and accountability structure
  • Activity 6B: Define coordination mechanisms
  • Activity 6C: Identify capacity development and implementation support needs