A strategic plan that does not address the practical cost considerations associated with its implementation will not be fully successful.
Understanding and planning for Costed Implementation Plan implementation costs is critical to realistic budgeting and strategic planning. Costing is an iterative process by which the technical support team adjusts and prioritizes activities based on the estimated cost of implementation. The tool in the section has been developed specifically for costing CIPs, and includes a gap analysis tool to estimate the financial gap between the costs associated with implementing detailed CIP activities and the annual funding commitment by government and donors.  After the CIP has been finalized, the costing tool should be updated as part of an annual (or other regular interval) review.

“CIPs must reflect actual funding streams and programing, from government and donors, and we must also develop budget scenarios to be able to respond to budget shortages.”

Modibo Maiga
Palladium, HP+, West Africa
Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit: What We Heard


Step 5 Activities

  • Activity 5A: Estimate common unit costs
  • Activity 5B: Input quantity of units required to achieve plan objectives
  • Activity 5C: Review and validate cost estimates
  • Activity 5D: Conduct CIP financial gap analysis
  • Activity 5E: Realign technical strategy to ensure reasonable cost
  • Activity 5F: Revise and validate final cost and resource gap