The CIP's technical strategy component details family planning goal(s), result areas, and strategic priorities, and features priority evidence-based interventions informed by the situational analysis.
Included in the technical strategy is an implementation plan which captures time-phased activities and sub-activities. It also includes targets and indicators for measuring results during execution. The tool in this section provides guidance, frameworks and tools for both Step 3 and Step 4.


Step 4 Activities

  • Activity 4A: Set or refine the family planning goal
  • Activity 4B: Define results and prioritize outcomes and interventions
  • Activity 4C: Validate the results chain and strategic priorities
  • Activity 4D: Select indicators and estimate targets
  • Activity 4E: Develop implementation plan with activities and sub-activities
  • Activity 4F: Refine and validate the technical strategy
  • Activity 4G (optional): Align with subnational level
  • Activity 4H (optional): Estimate impact