Engaging in the Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) process is an investment, and countries should weigh the value a CIP might add to the current program against the resource commitment necessary to complete the process.
Once the government decides to develop a CIP, obtaining buy-in from decision makers is critical to ensure that the required human and financial resources are made available. This includes forming a CIP Task Force to provide oversight, guidance, resources and expertise during the CIP process, and determining if there is a gap in financial and human resources required to develop a CIP. If there is, countries may make a formal request for support to relevant development and implementing partners. The tools in this section will help to make an informed decision on whether to develop a CIP, and present a strong case to stakeholders to obtain buy-in.

“The CIP accomplished what had never happened before. And frankly, when this task force started happening, it was something very unique. We had never seen before the minister, the director general, and the secretaries sitting at the table. Not just from health but from the Population Welfare Department and the family planning NGO stakeholders. All at the same table discussing the quality of data.”

Dr. Tabinda Sarosh
Country Director, Pathfinder, Pakistan
Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit: What We Heard


Step 1 Activities

  • Activity 1A: Arrive at a decision to engage in the CIP process
  • Activity 1B: Establish a CIP Task Force
  • Activity 1C: Secure financial and human resources for CIP development
  • Activity 1D: Make a formal request for CIP support


Step 1 Tools