FP2030 seeks to maximize contributions by civil society to accelerate progress towards achieving FP2030 and Sustainable Development Goals. FP2030’s success requires building strong and sustainable partnerships between governments and civil society organizations (CSOS), strengthening the role of civil society groups in promoting family planning, and holding governments accountable for the commitments they have made through FP2030.

Civil Society Engagement

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Global Advocacy

FP2030 collaborates with partners to set the global family planning advocacy agenda and supports promotion of evidence and best practices among global advocates. Through strong collaboration with partners such as Advanced Family Planning, The Advocacy Collaborative, and the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, FP2030 advances the alignment of advocacy efforts among global CSOs to respond to chronic and time-sensitive family planning issues effectively. 

Country-level CSO Engagement

FP2030 is driving country progress through mobilizing key stakeholders and advocating for civil society’s priorities during meetings and planning discussions. FP2030 CSO focal points aim to facilitate transparent flow of information between focal points and civil society organizations on issues that impede progress on commitments, such as funding gaps, limited contraceptive choice, and poor-quality service provision. Through the CSO focal points, FP2030 strengthens country level Family Planning CSO coalitions and ensures a well-coordinated partnership that effectively engages with the CSOs.

Country-level Advocacy for Resource Mobilization and Policy Change

The FP2030 partnership prioritizes country-level advocacy through supporting advocates, including youth advocates, to identify and prioritize advocacy opportunities to accelerate progress toward FP2030 country commitments. FP2030 works closely with data expert partners, such as Track20, to ensure that CSO-led advocacy efforts are actionable, targeted, and supported by relevant and recent data.

Technical Capacity

FP2030 connects CSOs with technical experts, mobilizes implementing partners, and identifies opportunities for cross-learning and strengthening FP programs. In addition, FP2030 facilitates partner consultations and knowledge exchange on promotion and implementation of High Impact Practices (HIPs), Postpartum Family Planning (PPFP), Rights-Based Family Planning, and the use of data for effective advocacy.

Monitoring and Accountability

CSO-led accountability efforts play a significant role in meeting FP2030 commitments and helping countries achieve their FP2030 goals. FP2020 enhances the role of CSOs in monitoring and accountability of FP2030 commitments. Through partner consultations and collaboration, FP2030 is broadening the understanding of collaborative accountability, promoting scale-up of best practices, strengthening capacity of local CSOs to implement effective accountability efforts, and ensuring that recent and reliable country-specific FP data is accessible to local advocates.