To meet its goals, FP2030 partners must promote and protect the rights of adolescents and youths to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, including contraception. Strong commitments that prioritize adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights (AYSRHR) send a clear message about the vital importance of improving adolescent and youth SRH knowledge, fostering their agency and ability to make informed decisions, facilitating their access to high-quality SRH services responsive to their needs, and ensuring a supportive policy and social environment.

Brief & Graphic

Measuring Progress on Meeting the Contraceptive Needs of Adolescents and Youth aims to improve understanding of the adolescent and youth data and prioritize adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights (AYSRHR).

As part of the efforts to meet the contraceptive needs of adolescents and youth, this infographic illustrates the contraceptive needs and use of adolescents and youth change over time. 

Adolescent and Youth Data App

The Adolescent and Youth Data App is an interactive data app that builds off the adolescent and youth data released with the 2019-2020 FP2020 Annual Progress Report. The Profile Page includes individual country data on adolescents and youth population, key life events, prevalence of sexual activity, modern contraceptive method prevalence, traditional contraceptive method prevalence, unmet need and condom use. In the coming months, the Compare and Analyze page will be available for viewers to compare and analyze the data from the profile page for multiple countries. Click here for more information on the Adolescent and Youth Data App.